Commencing in 2013, Rever Offshore has provided Inspection, Repair and Maintenance services to independent operator, Spirit Energy. A three-year fixed term plus two 2-year extension option was in place. Spirit executed these options in the contract.

In 2018, Rever inspected various subsea structures and pipelines within the UK and Dutch sectors of the North Sea, over a duration of 37 days.

Scope of Work

Tasks were completed at various locations across Spirit Energy’s assets. This included the inspection of structural members, components, welds, wellheads and appurtenances along with flooded member detection and pipeline surveys completed using MBES and Pipetracker.

Assets inspected in the UK North Sea sector include:

  • Pipelines and subsea structures for: Grove, Kew Birch, Chestnut, Eris, Ceres, Sycamore, Mercury, Larch and Seven Seas
  • Hummingbird FPSO
  • Acorn Well 2z suspended well
  • Annabel pipelines and spools
  • Audrey A (WD) and Ensign platform and pipelines
  • Audrey B (XW) platform
  • Newsham subsea structure
  • York, Rose and Chiswick pipelines

The suspended J6-01 well along with F3-FA platform and subsea structure assets were also inspected in the Netherlands North Sea sector.

A dedicated project team was established to allow onshore engineering to be completed efficiently in preparation for planned offshore activity. The team also provided fast response to unplanned events to safeguard or reinstate production.

Over the past six years, a wide range of workscopes have been successfully conducted across a variety of asset locations utilising DSV, ROVSV and platform-based ROV.